Our designs are based on 3d models, using the latest Cad software, which makes the drawings adaptable to your own requirements and budget. Many changes are available providing they do not compromise the structural and building regs aspect of the building.

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The model can be viewed from any angle which gives you a great advantage to see if you are happy with the design,

Modifications are classed in 3 categories, low, medium, high and custom. If you provide us with the details of your changes you require, we can then provide you with an example to confirm you are happy with the changes.


                                   Before                                                    After






                     Single storey                                            2 Storey


   Purchase : Minor modifications  (free included with planning package)

   Purchase : Moderate modification - total cost 199.00

   Purchase : Major Modifications- total cost  345.00

   Purchase : Custom Modification ( contact us )




                          Before                                                              After





           Window position                                   Window moved


Minor Modifications

Minor changes include: Moving or deleting windows or doors, small changes to room layouts (no extra charge).


                                                                                                          Before                                              After





                                                                                    Size of house                               House made larger


Moderate Modifications

Moderate modifications include: resizing, roof pitches, window and door styles, stair case and component changes
(see price options)


Major Modifications

Major changes include: Attic added, stepped site, plinth added  (
see price options)


                                                                                                           Before                                             After








Custom Modifications

Complete personal design tailored to your requirements,
contact us to discuss your proposed modifications.


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