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      Planning approval.
      Building regulations

The plans make a ideal starting point for any one looking to discuss their proposals with the local planning authority, or at a pre-planning meeting.

We can supply you with A3 copies of the 3d elevations  and floor layout plans (see samples) of your house choice, the plans are perfect for a pre-planning meeting with your local planning officer, as most local planning departments prefer this.

The plans can be easily modified to suit you and your surroundings, simply choose your house style then click on modifications

All our design are available for pre-planning

If you decide to go ahead to the planning stage, we can offer you all the detailed plans and building regs required and guide you through the planning process.

Pre-planning drawings only  £45.00

Please note: the drawings you are purchasing as stated above are for pre–planning only and are not at the correct scale for planning submission.


Below is a sample of 3d images supplied with pre-planning.


Below is a sample of The floor plans supplied with pre-planning.


           VIEW ALL                    EXCLUSIVE                     2-3 BED                       4-5 BED                     5 BED +                        BUNGALOW                   GARAGES            



Considering applying for planning permission or looking to build your own house, we offer a simple cost effective solution with our pre-planning drawings.

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